Services & Support

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Services are the backbone of our organization. Considering our experience and expertise, we are able to extend unparalleled quality and timely Support / Services to our Customers in maintaining their Material handling equipments. Our trained engineers are able to meet the needs of the industry in the area of equipment maintenance, assisting our clients in programming their -

  • Autonomous maintenance,
  • Carry out preventive maintenance and
  • Break down maintenance,

  • Failure root cause investigation and training the customer technicians and engineers.
    Services & Support are proving to be our Core Differentiating factor amongst others in the industry amidst stiff completion.

    Our Services are not just limited to attending Customer calls but blending with their system and understanding their needs in keeping their equipments available working closely with all the stakeholders of our customer. We work very closely with the operators by giving them the necessary training in operating the equipments, explaining the safety aspects and training them in carrying out autonomous maintenance, which is a very important and crucial part of the equipment maintenance.

    We also work with the maintenance team of the Customer and educate them in responding to the abnormalities / anomalies noticed during autonomous maintenance or during operations. This training to the maintenance staff ensures the attention at the right time thereby avoiding the major breakdown or a major overhaul. This results in better machine availability, less cost of maintenance and over all low cost of ownership.

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