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Stackers as the name implies are equipments that are designed to be used indoor mostly inside a warehouse. Stackers are both manual and electric operated. Manual stackers can be used where the frequency of usage is very less and if the frequency of usage is more it can cause fatigue to the operators and in such cases, Electric and/or Battery operated stackers are used.
Electric stackers are very efficient machines used for both horizontal and vertical movement of palletized load. Most of the modern warehouses and finished product storage areas use these types of battery operated stackers. There are a wide variety of stackers suiting to different needs and the client can choose the one that suits their requirement the best.
The stackers can go up to a height of 6000 mm and beyond that, the client has to use reach trucks which are more sophisticated stackers which has the capability of reaching the destination for placing the pallets without being moved from a point od access.

For further details with regards to Stackers send us the details like Lift Weight, Lift Height, Pallet size and type of load to be stacked, Type of Stacker required to .