Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are equipments that get docked to ground levels on which a pallet truck or any other roller equipment can roll over and place a pay load. These equipments rise to a required height and can be used for loading in to a truck or loading into a machine. There are a variety of applications with scissor lifts and where there is a need to lift in parallel to the ground, scissor lifts are the best choice.
Scissor Lifts are available in two models :

FS Series:
These are floor or pit mounted and essentially used to match ground level area with the functional loading area. Typical utilization is for Press shop, Packaging & Assembly area.

S Series:
These are semi portable lift tables, mounted on locating cradles and wear plates. It’s extremely low profile provides added versatility for ground level loading /unloading operation. In addition they have a flexibility to be installed anywhere in the factory or warehouse. Dolly can be provided to move the lift table to various locations. The high quality construction feature found in the stationary models is also incorporated into ’S’ series lift table. Each lift cylinder is encased in a weather resistant steel housing. Precision velocity fuse on each cylinder eliminates platform free fall. Sturdy rails, lips and barrier chains can be provided at both the ends for operator’s safety.

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