Pallet Truck

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Pallet trucks are basically a hand operated hydraulic jacking systems which are used to lift a pallet with its payload and move the load from one point to another. Pallet trucks are basically used for horizontal movement or to say movement of palletized load from one place to another. There are different types of pallet trucks and the most commonly used are with a width of 520 mm and 1150 mm length. For slightly larger pallets, 685 mm width with 1150/1220 mm length equipments are used.
The Standard lift weight is 2.5 tons. All pallet trucks are normally with Nylon Wheels as a standard. But depending on the customers requirement, we can provide the pallet trucks with Polyurthene or MS Wheels. Depending on the customer's infrastructure setup and requirements Pallet trucks are available in following kinds -

  • Hydraulic Pallet Trucks
  • Hydraulic Pallet Trucks with Stainless Steel Body
  • Battery Operated Pallet Trucks
  • Scissor Hand Pallet Truck

  • For further details with regards to Pallet Trucks.. send us the details like Lift Weight, Pallet size and Kind of Pallet truck, Type of Wheels required to .